Our Side Saddles are made using the best selections of leather & doe skin.

They are made on a laminated beech wood tree which has been designed by Rob Jenkins in conjunction with Harry Dabs Saddle Makers, Walsall.

The new design works well on modern horses which are generally wider fitting. Seat sizes start from 14″ & go up to 17.5″ in ½“ increments. Customers can choose between Champion & Wilton or Mayhew Stirrup fittings & positioning of leaping head sockets.

We are also very pleased to be able to offer an offside version of the side saddle.

We specialise in the manufacture of Wykeham Panels finding that they work best as they are more stable & offer a more comfortable ride for the horse & the rider.

In order to concentrate on making new Side Saddles with our new trees designed for the modern horse & rider we no longer offer a repair or restoration service on older Side Saddles.